Thurisaz. Bow before me, for I am root. (adja999) wrote in new_subs_n_doms,
Thurisaz. Bow before me, for I am root.

Seeking my truth, in a way.

 My only contact with the world of D/s have been through fiction, which I write or read, and through the media. Nowadays you can see a lot of different perspectives on the subject, and I believe the overall view of it has given me a pretty good idea of what can go on.

I'm a girl, and I'm bi. I have a boyfriend now, but I believe I could only engage as a sub with a woman. I don't imagine it as a sexual relationship yet, but it might be because, during my 23 years of life, I've never had sex with a woman -damn boyfriend.

I don't know why exactly I'm posting, or what to ask. I guess I'd like to experience this world, give it a try for real. But i don't know how to get in touch with it, and with the right people. I understand my submission as the action of handing over the control, but I don't fancy humiliation. I'm pretty in control in my daily life, and sometimes I wish I had just someone to just give me an order, that way I could just do what I'm told and relax.

My question would be... if you out there, have a relationship like that, how did you come across it? Where did you look? How did it happen? Did you have any bad surprises?

Thank you.
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