A sweet-mean bastard Daddy. (inkdnpierced) wrote in new_subs_n_doms,
A sweet-mean bastard Daddy.

Help moving from Domme to Daddy's girl

I'm posting this for my girl, she's new to lj and still a little unsure about it all. 

When I met her a few months ago we became fast friends because we are both Dominant and tend to have the same style of thinking in almost everything (we're doppelpervs in almost every way).  Recently, after a sort of dress up night at our local club, she was playing around calling me Daddy (I was wearing a Daddy tee) and I started spanking her and the next thing you know two weeks later she's my babygirl and I'm her Daddy and we're both very happy.  This change is secret to all of our friends and she still maintains her Domme side with others, but she's having a bit of a hard time understanding these changes since she had always identified as Domme almost from her first sexual experience.  I'm the first person she's ever submitted to and she does not consider herself switch since I'm the only person she says she wants to submit to, but since she's hiding it from everyone, she hasn't found anyone she can talk to about what she's feeling.  Has anyone else gone through this kind of change, from identifying as strictly Dominant to wanting to submit to one particular person, specifically in a Daddy/Mommy/lg/lb kind of dynamic? She's a little confused about all the emotions that are coming along with being a Daddy's girl and if anyone knows of a group or a person that would be willing to be a sounding board and let her ask questions and get reassurances, we'd both be very grateful.  She's a little more active on fetlife, but also a little more cautious about that site because she has friends there that know her as Domme, but if anyone knows of a helpful group there, she'd probably be open to it.

Thanks in advance.
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